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08:21 Erasing Mono.
Mince01 # yum list mono*
Mince01 # yum erase mono*

08:27 Installing Mono.
Mince01 # yum install mono-addon-devel

08:51 Mono is installed, but can't compile XSP. Posted on forum.
21:39 Intalling XSP.
# yum install xsp4

21:41 Done.
21:43 Edited path to mono in /usr/bin/xsp4.
22:00 Installing MVC support.
Mince01 # yum install mono-addon-mvc

22:06 Uncommented assembly references in Web.config and restarted XSP.
22:13 ASP.NET MVC 2 page now works. Modifying page to show some extra info.
22:21 Commited.
Mince01 # cd /var/server/app/Heavysoft.Mince/Heavysoft.Mince
Mince01 # hg revert --all
Mince01 # hg pull
Mince01 # hg update

22:52 Commited and pulled. Make some branch merges.
22:53 Connecting to PostgreSQL.
23:35 Solved a problem with pg_hba.conf (used ident authentication against md5 for the same host for all users).
23:36 Everything works.
Mince01 # xsp4

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